Travelling During Spring Festival – Chunyun

On 31st January 2014 the Chinese Year of the Horse (Wood element, 甲午 Jiǎwǔ) begins.
It will be celebrated traditionally with a “Golden Week”, i.e. more than half of China and many Chinese people that live, study or work abroad travel criss-cross (春运 Chūnyùn) through this enormous country to visit the beloved family, to celebrate a week long, offer sacrifice to the ancestors, eat opulently at home or in restaurants, clink glasses, explore China’s scenic spots and much more.

Hourly Updated Map with Mobile Travelling Data by –

Hourly Updated Map with Mobile Travelling Data by –

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五营 – Wuying National Forest Park, Heilongjiang

By Nico Marzian

The northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang (黑龙江: Hēilóngjiāng) has much to offer, not only but notably many attractive scenic spots to visit. It might be a little bit complicated to get to them all by train or bus because Heilongjiang is big and distances easily get quite long. So having the possibility to travel by car would be a real advantage.

One of such wonderful scenic spots (for photos please scroll down) is the “Wuying National Forest Park” (五营国家森林公园: Wǔ Yíng Guó Jiā Sēn Lín Gōng Yuán), approximately fifty kilometres linear distance and north-north-east of the city of Yichun (伊春: Yīchūn).

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Dancing Zombies in Dongbei

For a couple of years now there is to find a speciality in the northeastern Heilongjiang province (黑龙江: Hēilóngjiāng) regarding sportive gatherings of people that can also be watched in all China.

Townspeople, like in the rest of the People’s Republic, do exercises on large or small public squares. They dance alone, as couples or with many, practice shadow boxing (太极拳: Tàijí Quán) with or without swords or fans, use gymnastic apparatuses and much more.
But around 2009 or 2010, maybe a little bit earlier, a trend arose in the city of Jiamusi ( 佳木斯: Jiāmùsī), which spread out successfully in whole Heilongjiang afterwards:

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欢迎光临 [Huānyíng guānglín]

Dear visitor, welcome!

I am very happy about your interest in China, but especially in the beautiful Heilongjiang Province (黑龙江: Hēilóngjiāng) in the Northeast (东北: Dōngběi) of China.
My relation to country and people is a very intensive one, and I admire and feel deep warmth for the culture and the people.
Sadly, I still have been there just on few too rare occasions, but every time brought new, magnificent insights and moments.
Probably I will also write about other regions of China, but mainly I want to wake your interest for this still less known part of the People’s Republic that together with the provinces Jilin (吉林: Jílín) and Liaoning (辽宁: Liáoníng) was famous as Manchuria in the past.

To make it quite short and rather let pictures do the work of giving you a first impression, I uploaded an image video of the city of Hegang (鹤岗: Hègǎng). I hope that you like it, even if the annotator speaks Chinese.
Unfortunately, my language skills in Mandarin Chinese are not quite enough to be able to translate his words to you well. Still you can let the great and green landscapes, the rivers and lakes, also some small impressions of winter time appeal to you.

You find some first information about the city of Hegang, Heilongjiang Province as well as the province’s capital city Harbin (哈尔滨: Hā’ěrbīn) under the following Wikipedia articles:

Enjoy the video and all the best until my next blog entry.

Sincerely yours,
Nico Marzian

“Hegang Image Video”